Visita guidata alla Basilica di San Martino Maggiore.

Convent complex of San Martino Maggiore

Events may vary, always contact the organizers before going on site.

Guided tour of the Basilica, cloister and sacristy with the guidance of Fiorella Dallari Professor Alma Mater (University of Bologna), with a TransDisciplinary approach for a Path of Peace, Saturday 12 October at 11:00.
In the spirit of their motto "Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum" the Carmelite Friars of the Basilica of San Martino Maggiore are pleased to invite you to the visits planned for the Basilica and the Convent, with the exception of the large fresco (104 m2) by Massari and Curti (1626-9), which is located in the room of the former library and represents the first lesson of Theology at the Studium of Bologna which, according to the Carmelite Fathers, represents Saint Pier Thomas, Carmelite Martyr, founder of the College of Sacred Theology in Bologna (1362).
In 2019 the roof of the Convent was restored and in 2020 the restoration of the fresco was carried out thanks to funding from MIBACT (Emilia-Romagna). Currently, the restoration works for the arrangement of the hall and the creation of inclusive accessibility have been restarted, works which currently prevent visits.

The Carmelite Fathers will welcome you at the entrance to the sacrament of the Basilica of San Martino Maggiore (via Oberdan, 25, Bologna) at 11 am on Saturday 12 October organized by the Martiniani Events Committee ( and the European Friends of the Via Romea Germanica (
Fiorella Dallarii will discuss the heritage of Art and Faith of our Carmelite Fathers, who have built, accumulated and preserved in all their religious and spiritual places since the 13th century, and in particular in S. Martino Maggiore!
Participation is limited to 25 participants per visit, with registration required (+39 3714970801/;
The free donations will support the restoration of our heritage.
via Oberdan, 25, Bologna, (BO)

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