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The Crypt, many restructured and a column made of bricks placed on the above co-cathedral, are the only original romanic construction of the ancient parish church of saint Steven pope and martyr, dating back to 410 b. C. and founded by saint Esuberanzio, bishop of Ravenna, most probably originary from Modigliana.
This oratory followed the vicissitudes of the ancient church, many times distructed by fires and earthquakes and then rebuilt and restructured during this 16 centuries. From 1920 it became Shrinen of the fallen in war and inside there are nine Bishops of the Diocese of Modigliana, restructured in 2006.
With the name of Confraternity of the White Flagellants are meant different religious associations of lay persons in all Italy. Originated from the movement of pilgrims through Europe between XIV and XV centuries, they were all characterized from the white and humble dress, made of cloak and coat.
In Modigliana, on 1415, the Confraternity of the White Flagellants worth the fondation on the first hospital for invalids, with its own chapel, firstly inside the church of Saint Anthony the Abbott (demolished in the first years of the XIX century) and afterwards inside the Crypt of the ancient parish church of Saint Steven, where were venerated particularly the
Passion and the Death of Jesus the Savior.
In 1549 the Confraternity placed the group of the seven painted wooden statues of the Mourning. The statues were created in an artist workshop from Faenza, made around 1415.
The statue of the Crist is placed horizontally, showing the right side to the public, Saint John and the Mother are next to the head, Mary of Salome, Mary of Cleopha and along the opposite side, Saint Nicodemus and Saint Magdalene by the feet; the last holds the shroud.
«The representation of the Pietà» or of the crying Virgin who adores her Holy Son deposed from the Cross, seems to have been established, before anywhere else, in the gotic german art of the XIV century, while it is rare to find it in the italian medieval art.

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Free visits are available of the Cypt and of the Sanctuary of the holy Virgin of the Corner.
Free visits are possible also at the Mu.Ve, Art Modern museum of the Bishop's residence and at the Historical Bishop's Apartment and at the Church of saint Mary's Magdalene in the Agostinian Sisters Monastery.
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