Tales from beyond. The Archaeological Museum of Verucchio

Villanovian Municipal Archaeological Museum

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A guided tour inside the Archaeological Museum to discover the Villanovan civilization that settled in Verucchio some three thousand years ago. Your guide will tell you about the rise and development of one of the most advanced civilizations on the peninsula, discovered through decades of excavations that have unearthed hundreds of priceless objects. Artisans, priestesses, warriors and princes await you and tell their stories through our expert guide.
On this chronological journey you will discover:
- The Hall of the Ancestors, which contains the oldest finds from the 9th century BC;
- The marvelous Hall of the Cloak, which houses unique textiles found in exceptionally well-preserved condition especially due to the special composition of the Verucchio soil;
- The rooms dedicated to Villanovan warriors, where you will admire splendid helmets, shields and weapons made of bronze and iron;
- The Throne Room, the focal point of the museum, where the Lippi Tomb 89 and its incredible funerary equipment with its carved wooden throne are on display;
- The symbolism associated with the Museum's Logo, a divine and ritual connection with the world of nature, continuing in the Amber Room and new excavations;
- The Hall of the Sacred Area, the only reference to the Villanovan settlement with the votive well used for through the centuries until the 4th century B.C., even after the disappearance of the Villanovans.

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Children up to 7 years old free of charge

For more information:
0541 670280 | archeologicoverucchio@atlantide.net
Via Sant' Agostino, 14, Verucchio, (RN)

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0541 670280
Via Sant’Agostino 14, 47826, Verucchio, (RN)

26 December to 6 January, open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.