Rocca Noir. Guided tour by candlelight

Rocca Malatestiana

Events may vary, always contact the organizers before going on site.

A candlelight visit to Rocca del Sasso to relive the mysteries and charms, including secret passages, famous loves and legends of the village of Verucchio.

In the shadows and darkness of the Rocca, a guide, illuminated only by candlelight, accompanies you to discover the mysteries and legends of this fortress! The path to follow is illuminated by lanterns and candles.

To make the experience brighter, if you want you can also take a candle to hold during the visit. You can bring it closer to the walls, floors, shelves, and furnishings to admire details and details up close.

A number of topics are covered during the visit:

- History of Paolo and Francesca
- Legend about the existence of a secret underground passageway made around the mid-1400s by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.
- Popular imagination, made it the abode of presences not of this world, as if their creation had awakened ancient creatures.
- History of Hippolyta Comnenus
- The odious deception of the Old Mastin
When love is stronger than death (Malatesta Ungaro and Viola Novella)
- The Black Legend of Sigismund
- Visit to the Prisons Legend of the ghost of Malatestino dall'Occhio
- Why the Keep is also known as 'The Tower of the Hanged Men'

Participation fee € 10

For information:
0541 670280 |
Via Rocca 42, 47826, Verucchio, (RN)

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Solo visita guidata 10.00 €
Picnic e visita guidata 22.00 €
Via Rocca 1, 47826, Verucchio, (RN)

Gennaio*- Febbraio: Sabato e Domenica 10-17
*dal 1 al 6 Gennaio tutti i giorni 10-17
Marzo- Ottobre- Novembre- Dicembre*: Sabato, Domenica e Festivi 10-13 | 14:30-18
*dal 26 al 31 dicembre tutti i gironi 10-17
Aprile- Maggio- Giugno- Settembre: tutti i giorni 10-13 | 15-18:30
Luglio- Agosto: tutti i giorni 9:30-12:30 | 16-20 (Venerdì fino alle 22:30)