From "zero to Z'dora": fresh pasta in Romagna

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It is impossible to talk about fresh pasta in Romagna without starting from the most traditional formats: tagliatelle and strozzapreti in the first place. But not only that, the shapes of pasta that we can get from the same base of puff pastry are many, and the sheet Alessandra certainly knows them all. How about stealing the secrets of a professional sfoglina? Sign up for our practical course and let yourself be guided into the world of fresh pasta for a 'Zdora' proof result!
In detail you will learn: - the history of tagliatella: the right sizes and the rules of tradition - how to choose the best flours - to make your tagliatelle: from the dough, to the rolling pin, up to the cut - the ingredients to make your puff pastry colored - not only tagliatelle...but all the other formats that you can get from your pasta – the most known format of Romagna: strozzapreti
If you want to take home some ROMAGNA-POWER, make sure you have a seat in the classroom. Your seat and the flap are waiting for you for a couple of hours full of fun and tradition!

Price: € 30 per person
Time: 5 pm
Where: Rimini
Persons: minimum 2 persons
Language: Italian and English

  • Pasta lesson by Ramaiola
  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Transport not included

­ENTRANCE 30.00 €


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